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Heating Maintenance Services in Williamsburg, VA

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Furnace Inspection List

*We Maintain and service all brands and models

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  • Thermostat
    Verify that the thermostat is working correctly and calibrated properly. Ensure it is set to the desired temperature and cycles the furnace on and off appropriately.
  • Air Filters
    Check and replace air filters if necessary. Clogged filters can restrict airflow, reducing efficiency and potentially causing damage to the furnace.
  • Burners
    Inspect the burners for any signs of corrosion, rust, or debris buildup. Clean the burners if needed to ensure proper combustion.
  • Ignition System
    Test the ignition system (whether it's a pilot light or electronic ignition) to ensure it's functioning properly. Replace any faulty components as needed.
  • Furnace Heat Exchanger
    Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks or signs of damage. A cracked heat exchanger can lead to carbon monoxide leaks, which pose a serious safety hazard.
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  • Electrical Components
    Inspect all electrical connections, wires, and components for signs of wear or damage. Tighten any loose connections and replace any faulty parts.
  • Safety Controls
    Test all safety controls, including limit switches and pressure switches, to ensure they're functioning correctly and shutting down the furnace when necessary.
  • Thermocouple or Flame Sensor Inspection
    Check the thermocouple (for pilot light ignition systems) or flame sensor (for electronic ignition systems) for proper operation. Clean or replace these components if they are dirty or malfunctioning.
  • System Calibration and Optimization
    Calibrate the furnace controls and settings for optimal performance and efficiency. This may involve adjusting the ignition timing, gas flow rate, and other parameters based on the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Documentation and Recommendations
    Provide the homeowner with a detailed report of the maintenance performed, including any issues found and recommendations for repairs or upgrades.
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Heat Pump Tune Up Check List

*We Maintain and service all brands and models

Heatpumps Image
  • Thermostat Assessment
    Confirm thermostat settings for heating and cooling.
    Verify thermostat's precision in temperature control.
  • Air Filter Inspection
    Examine air filters for dirt and obstructions.
    Replace or clean filters as necessary.
  • Outdoor Unit Examination (Heat Pump Tune-up)
    Survey outdoor unit for debris and nearby vegetation.
    Inspect Heat Pump condenser coils for dirt or blockages.
    Clean coils as needed.
  • Refrigerant Analysis
    Evaluate refrigerant levels and pressures.
    Detect and repair refrigerant leaks if present.
    Recharge refrigerant as required.
  • Electrical Component Check
    Inspect and secure electrical connections.
    Monitor compressor and fan motor amp draw.
    Ensure voltage levels meet specifications.
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  • Defrost Cycle Test
    Verify defrost cycle functionality.
    Ensure proper operation of defrost controls and sensors.
  • Heat Strips Inspection
    Check heat strips for proper functioning.
    Confirm sequencer operation if applicable.
  • Safety Controls Evaluation
    Test all safety controls, including pressure switches.
    Ensure emergency heat mode operates correctly.
  • System Performance Assessment
    Test heating and cooling modes through full cycles. Check temperature differentials and airflow for optimal performance.
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Air Handler Inspection Check List

*We Maintain and service all brands and models

AirHandlers Image
  • Filter Inspection
    Examine air filters for debris accumulation.
    Replace or clean filters as needed.
    Advise on suitable filter types and replacement schedules.
  • Blower Motor Assessment
    Check blower motor functionality.
    Lubricate motor bearings if necessary.
    Monitor motor amp draw and voltage levels.
  • Condensate Pan and Drain Evaluation
    Inspect condensate pan for rust or corrosion.
    Clear condensate drain line of obstructions.
    Ensure effective drainage to prevent leaks.
  • Coils Examination
    Survey evaporator and/or heating coils for dirt buildup.
    Clean coils with appropriate cleaner if required.
    Ensure optimal heat transfer and airflow.
  • Heat Strips (Electric Air Handlers)
    Inspect heating elements for damage.
    Test heat strips for proper functionality.
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  • Electrical Components Inspection
    Review wiring and connections for tightness and wear.
    Inspect control board for any damage.
    Measure amp draw of electric strips and blower motor.
  • Safety Controls Testing
    Conduct tests on safety controls such as high-limit switches.
    Confirm emergency shutdown functions.
  • Air Leaks Check
    Inspect air handler cabinet for leaks.
    Seal any air leaks to enhance efficiency.
  • System Operation Evaluation
    Test air handler performance through heating cycles.
    Monitor temperature differentials and overall system operation.
  • Air Handler Maintenance Record-keeping
    Document maintenance findings and required repairs.
    Offer maintenance suggestions to homeowners.
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Heat Pump and Gas Package unit Inspection Tune-up Checklist

*We Maintain and service all brands and models

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  • Thermostat Verification
    Ensure thermostat settings accuracy.
    Test thermostat in heating mode.
    Replace thermostat batteries if needed.
  • Air Filter Examination
    Inspect air filters for debris.
    Replace or clean filters accordingly.
    Advise on filter replacement schedule.
  • Electrical Components Inspection
    Review and secure electrical connections.
    Monitor blower motor voltage and amp draw.
    Check control board for wear or damage signs.
  • Blower Motor Maintenance
    Lubricate blower motor if required.
    Check blower wheel balance and cleanliness.
  • Ignition System Assessment
    Test ignition system efficiency.
    Clean or replace pilot assembly if necessary.
    Ensure proper gas pressure and ignition.
  • Burners Maintenance
    Examine burners for corrosion or debris.
    Clean and adjust for optimal combustion.
  • Gas Valve Check
    Assess gas valve operation and pressure.
    Ensure correct safety shut-off functionality.
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Furnace Small Image 2
  • Flue Pipes and Venting Review
    Inspect flue pipes for obstructions or leaks.
    Ensure proper venting system draft and ventilation.
  • Furnace Heat Exchanger Examination
    Check heat exchanger for cracks or corrosion.
    Use tools like a combustion analyzer to detect CO levels.
  • Safety Controls Testing
    Conduct safety controls tests, including limit switches.
    Verify high limit switch operation.
  • Condensate Drain Inspection
    Inspect condensate drain lines for clogs.
    Clear lines to prevent backups.
  • Overall Performance Evaluation
    Test furnace through heating cycle.
    Note any unusual noises or vibrations.
    Ensure ventilation and safety.
  • Package Unit System Maintenance Documentation
    Update service records and note any recommendations.
    Provide homeowner with maintenance advice.
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